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Band jam

Just Rock Music Appreciation

In a nutshell, clients will get hands on exposure to several instruments and more through the guidance of a Just Rock instructor. Or, if your child is unsure of what to play try this experience out.

Service offerings include...

Once a week 60-minute Orchestra, Brass or Rock Band experience to understand what instrument you would be interested in(total of 4) and simply rock out at one of the Time/ Day offered :

  • Tuesdays 5-6 Jam Band

  • Thursdays 5-6- Orchestra

  • Starting January 9th

  • Ages: 7 and up recommended

Things You should know

  • Please note that this is NOT A PRIVATE LESSON. It's a monthly fee of $60 whether you are in the weekly session or not. ​

  • You must email to reserve your spot. Please do so here. ​

  • Pay now and don't forget to email Just Rock

  • If payment is not rec'd prior to the start of class you will not be allowed to rock out...NO EXCEPTIONS.

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