Artist Monthly Club Membership


Are you looking for a creative space solely for musicians, artists and music professionals you can network with in person or virtually! Are you tired of joining monthly clubs hoping to connect with likeminded people but typically realizing you are the only musician or creative in the space? Well look no more...Just Rock is offering an Artist Monthly Club Membership at our Hyattsville and Brentwood location for in person connections! Take advantage of club membership in person or virrtually full of music meetups, networking events, performances, songwriter circle and more. Check out some of the details below and we hope to Just Rock with you soon. 

Perks of Joining the Club....

What do you get

*Monthly access to both spaces during hrs of operation Mon-Fri 4-9pm Sat-Sun 1-6pm

*6 hrs of studio space to use for artist needs (examples include meetings, conferences, rehearsals, livestreaming, podcast recording, etc)

*Complimentary water, coffee, tea

*Access to Open Mic, and other Just Rock Events and Songwriter Circle Events (BYOB)

*Indoor and Outdoor Seating

*Access to Virtual Group Music Lesson Classes in Voice, Piano, Guitar and Songwriting

*Complimentary Access to Wednesdays Jam Session from 5:30-7pm

*Option of one performance per month with option to charge...Covid restrictions implemented and percentage split btw Just Rock and Artist....


Monthly In Person Fee- 99.00 (per person or 1-3 piece band) this is due to room capacity

Pay Now

Membership Application

Please be sure to fill out and email to Just Rock