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Just Rock Orchestra


We are finally bringing you our very own Just Rock Orchestra Program!!! We will be accepting all levels of proficiency. Each program will last 12 weeks and will conclude with a performance. 

What exactly is this...

Which instruments can participate

Cello, Viola, Violin and Woodwind instruments

Who is the Music Instructor? 

Talented full time DC and MD Music Teacher

Instructor for DC Youth Orchestra

Instructor for Washington Performing Center

Nowwwww, Orchestra Teacher for Just Rock

What are the benefits and perks of being in an orchestra... 

We are so excited to launch our Just Rock Orchestra under the tutelage of an experienced instructor who works with DC Youth Orchestra, Washington Performing Arts Center, DC and MD schools, etc. Just Rock students will learn to wait to play their instrument at the proper time, learn to adjust to fit their movements and sounds with those of others. They learn how to collaborate and simply Just Rock. 

Things You should know

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