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Makeup Policy?


What's Just Rock's Makeup Policy? We are glad you asked..

If I miss my weekly scheduled lesson due to life circumstances, what are my options for makeup?


We are so glad you asked...We ask that clients give us 24hr notice when it comes to missed classes. If 24hr notice is not given you will have to forfeit your weekly scheduled lesson. If 24hr notice is given we try our very best to accommodate you during your instructors availability. If we cannot do so due to limited availability a lesson can be made up with another one of our Just Rock instructors during their availability. 

We also have weekly group classes available with guitar, piano, songwriting and jam sessions. We encourage you to take advantage of any of those classes as a makeup class as well. These classes are available at no additional cost weekly for all of our private lesson students. 


But what if I really want to work with my regular instructor for a makeup? We totally understand that you want to work solely with your instructor for makeups but sometimes it's just not possible. Due to their scheduling, availability, it's just not possible because their student roster is full. 

What if my regular instructor calls out sick, etc. ? Things happen. We get it. Your instructor will be sure to communicate with you makeup options during their available Just Rock hrs. If their options do not work out, please take advantage of our group classes available. 

What if the makeup classes available do not include the instrument I take private lessons in? 

Not to worry, we encourage you to attend our Jam Session or Songwriting classes. Those are conducted in an ensemble, school band vibe? All instruments are welcomed!

If we miss a lesson can we have our account credited?

Unfortunately, no we do not credit accounts. The monthly lesson package pricing is already set. If we ever decide to adopt account crediting we will let our clients know.

What if  it's a holiday and Just Rock is closed?

We are so glad you asked....Please take advantage of our group classes! They are all 1hr long and it's a chance for your future rockstars to meet other just rock students, potentially for a band, meet other instructors and get more of the independent artist experience. We do not offer private makeups for Christmas and New Years. Please take advantage of one of our group classes. 

What is the schedule for Just Rock Group Classes?



6-7pm Group Drums


6-7pm Group Guitar

6-7pm Group Orchestra


12-1pm- Group Piano

*Stay tuned for Group Voice Lessons and Stage Choreography only available to private voice lesson students coming soon...


Appointment Only

How do we schedule a group class in place of a private makeup lesson?

Simply send us an email so that we have you accounted for. Also, please remember you can take advantage of any of our group classes at no additional cost if you are a regular private lesson student. 

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