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Songwriter Circle Series


What exactly is the Songwriters Circle? It's a bunch of Indie Artists, Bands and hopefuls getting together jamming,  seeking help, creating music and/or networking at Just Rock in person or virtually on Sunday evenings....

Here are some more Details

Great environment for artists to vibe and write

Network and bounce song ideas off of local talent

Bring your own refreshments

In our efforts of remaining contactless you are more than welcome to bring your own refreshments during the Brunch Series..

Max Guest of 20 people

In order to effectively social distance we will not accomadate more than 10 people in our space. (Social Distancing and CDC guidelines enforced in our studio)

When does it happen 

Once a month starting in October 2020

Things You should know

  • Cost: $10 for in-person guest and $10.00 for virtual guests 

  • Time: 4pm starting in October 2020 once a month

  • Sign up today to attend

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